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Welcome to Adventure Together. We are an independent board game publisher with a unique technology designed to infuse the world of tabletop gaming with endless world-building possibilities. Build feature-rich worlds for limitless tabletop gaming across one system with endless customization.




Edges define the size and shape of your world before you begin assembling it, and can be scaled up or down to any table size. Each edge includes storage for dice, markers, and miniatures to keep your play area organized. We've also designed the edges to enable the maker community to create and sell custom add-ons, such as candle-stick holders or cup holders. The only limit is your imagination.


The hex is your primary building and utility component. Each hex is decorated with vibrant omni-directional biome artwork to bring your worlds to life. You can use our artwork or create your own. Individual hexes allow you to build foundational layers and then scale them into mountains, valleys, or dungeons. With our non-interlocking design, construction and destruction before, during, and after gameplay is a breeze.


Tiles are primarily used to represent liquids, such as water or magma, but they are also useable to cap hexes you don't want to build on top of, as interlocking bases for modular architectural and scenic accessories, or for laying out boundaries for unit movement during gameplay. Each is slightly shorter than a hex, cannot be stacked, and does not feature any spacing between adjacent tiles.

Base Hexes

Base Hexes act as land and are your basic building blocks to help ensure consistency and form the foundation of your world.

Resource Hexes

Resource hexes are organic materials that can be gathered, planted, or uncovered for trade, income, or yield.

Structure Hexes

Structure Hexes are inorganic constructions that can be used for building before, during, or after gameplay.


Tiles can be used to depict any form of liquid, such as lakes, rivers, or lava, as well as impassable or non-buildable terrain elements.




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Empowering everyone to design games and players to play more for less.

Designer Tools

Within the SOURCE app will be guides for creating rulebooks, game logic, 3D assets, and more. We are developing a card building tool within the app as well as version control, feedback, and review functionality, and a game forum for players playtesting your game. Allow your community to fork rulesets and engage directly with you in a matter of weeks - not months or years.

Final Products

We're creating a pathway for designers to go from design and prototype to playtest and feedback much faster. You can partner with us to sell your assets digitally. Become a SOURCE Maker and we will work with you to take your game to the next level, and become your manufacturing, marketing and funding partner to help get your product into the hands of players and retailers around the world.

The first SOURCE game

At the end of all things, the numberless universes collide, and what is not destroyed falls upon a plane of desolate white sands. Strewn across this boundless realm are towering peaks of pale stone and red rock, where cold water flows, teeming with alien fish. The terrain shifts as the ruins of lost ages and places arise… and then vanish forever.

TimeScape is a boss battle royale designed to be played on SOURCE. The game uses exploration, progression, building, and combat to create the ultimate adventure.