How will you face
the end of time?

TimeStrike is a Boss Battle Royale for 2 - players. Leave your world behind in this build and battle sci-fantasy adventure as you make your mark across a modular and destructible landscape.


Where the map is as shapeshifting as the sands of time. TimeStrike utilizes every aspect of the SOURCE System.

The next evolution
of tabletop


Universes collide

At the end of all things, the numberless universes collide, and what is not destroyed falls upon a plane of desolate white sands. Strewn across this boundless realm are towering peaks of pale stone and red rock, where cold water flows, teeming with alien fish. The terrain shifts as the ruins of lost ages and places arise... and then vanish forever.

The Lamplighters

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The Lamplighters begin their tale in a dual-world of both light and darkness where heroes craft lamps and wield lanterns of twin flames into battle. Desire dominates this world.

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The Shekind

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The Shekind hail from the Red Planet where powerful women build cities, grow forests and enhance themselves with transhumanist technologies. Singularity dominates this world.

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The Fallen

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The Fallen arose from a Post-Apocalyptic Earth where demons reign freely and holy men and women of cloth are formidable warriors. Fear dominates this world.

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The Meek

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The Meek emerged from an all-powerful queen's ambition, in a world where beasts evolve fast and mysterious creatures play host to great magical power. Mana dominates this world.

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Prepare for the end of time

Choose your allies wisely, your team of survivors is the only thing standing between you and oblivion. Look for synergies between characters to take advantage of powerful combinations to secure the tactical high ground. Wild beasts and mythical brutes roam the Timescape and can be tamed or mounted to bolster your forces.


Survivors are characters you can select during the start of the game to draft a team. There are a multitude of survivors with various gameplay styles, abilities, and unit counts.


There are 3 types of characters. Fighters, Scavengers, and Hybrids. Fighters are the best at combat, Scavengers are the best at exploring and gathering, and Hybrids are average in both domains.


Legends are the most powerful Characters in the game. By exploring Time Rifts scattered through the world and uncovering the history of the different races, you just might summon in a Legend to join your team.


Keep in mind that if you summon in a legend, you may become the leading threat on the board - so keep your wits about you!


The Sentience is a massive being with the will to destroy the TimeScape and everything in it - including you. Using its own abilities, mobs, and monsters, the Sentience will attack the players relentlessly until it is defeated.


You can attack from afar or climb up on the Sentience to attack it. You will earn better rewards the higher you go.  


If a player is eliminated from the game before the Sentience, that player takes control of the Sentience and attempts to avenge their loss.

Moggie Sculpt

Monsters are controlled by the Sentience and roam the TimeScape attacking players. Allow too many Monsters to build up and it might be the end for everyone. However, Monsters can be tamed by the players and added to their teams.


After you land a hit on an adjacent Monster, you can give it a fish in an attempt to tame it.

Moggie Sculpt
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