Adventure Together: What Does the Comfort Zone, Halloween and Altar Cloths Have in Common?

Why I backed Wyrmwood's annual spooky-themed campaign on Kickstarter. Hint: the project employed over 80 artists to create stunning, novel pieces.
October 22, 2021

What Does the Comfort Zone, Halloween and Altar Cloths Have in Common? They have Wyrmwood in common. If you've been to industry events like Gen Con or Pax Unplugged, you've probably seen Wyrmwood's sprawling 'booth' with its beautifully crafted wooden walls and glass cases filled with eye-drawing game accessories, like dice towers and 'Master Vaults.' Their wares are all hand-crafted with the signature of unmistakable craftsmanship. Simply put, I'm a fan and I enjoy visiting their booth.


Every Halloween, Wyrmwood works with artists to create and release a Halloween-inspired game-related product. This year, they hired artist Stephanie Cost to art direct the project, and she brought together almost 80 artists to create a traditional Tarot Deck with a corrupted twist. But, "Corrupted Tarot" is not your typical tarot deck, and Wyrmwood is not your typical game accessory company!

The main reason why I was drawn to this Kickstarter is not the eye-popping art or the sinister yet alluring theme of the content. It's not even because their video made me laugh out loud.


The main reason I backed and am now fully promoting this project is the fact that Wyrmwood steps outside of their comfort zone to create their annual campaign products. This practice of industry-wide creativity is one I can get behind, and fully support. Typically, this is a company that is crafting wooden gaming accessories and furniture, and not artful tarot decks which play more into the realm of game play and game design than game accessory. Additionally, a "Halloween Campaign" is a tradition that excites as the holiday is a big deal for many in the United States who love to celebrate it even year round; and while I do not promote the more gruesome aspects of this holiday, I can appreciate the exploration of mystical, taboo, or darker themes that this holiday tends to bring out, especially in a product like this which can work wonders on stirring the imagination. I'll also use the tarot to help myself generate story leads when writing fantasy; they are helpful when imagining possible storylines because they tend to centralize around characters with a specific archetype, and creative tarot decks especially will include stories and interpretations to inspire you even further.

In short, I am inspired by Wyrmwood's creativity and large-scale artist collaborations. Each card will be a unique art piece of one of the artist's interpretations, which means that out of the entire deck there is most likely more than a few cards that are bound to make you go, "that's cool!" Its also imperative to remember that, as a company, you are not tied to one type of product or service. You can create what you want, when you want it, and if that means stepping outside of your comfort zone to do something new and different than what's on the market, even better. Be the leader, be the the one on the edge who inspires.


To own your own Corrupted Tarot Deck for whatever purpose you so desire, head over to their (already fully-funded) Kickstarter. When you choose the standard deck option, you can add on-brand accessories (it's from Wyrmwood, so of course!) like an 'Altar Cloth' and even 'Gemstone Dice'  to really create a mood of mystique and wonder. Pin these up on the wall or thumb through them and daydream while sitting at your desk; that's what I'll be doing.  Adventure on, friends!

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