Chapter II: Crossing the Threshold

In this month's newsletter we're taking Scape from vision to reality. Readying TimeScape for the world, giving you a first look at character card design, and sharing our view Beyond the Table: for a look at the illustrious culture of tabletop game cafes.
Adventure Together
February 2, 2023


Adventure Together is thrilled to announce a major milestone in the development of Scape! Here is our team, standing proud in front of 60 prototypes. This exciting moment validates our manufacturing partners are ready to support the launch of Scape later this year. We couldn't be more eager to share this innovative product with the world or to see the positive impact it will have on tabletop gamers everywhere.

Pictured: Founders Salpy, Himaro, Shaper, HeroScribe (left to right)
Pictured: The Scape system in action
Pictured: Fion during a game of TimeScape


Pictured: Artists at The Marcus Miniatures preparing prototype TimeScape miniatures with a base coat.

TimeScape, the first game designed to be played on Scape, is being prepped to ship to reviewers and streamers around the world. Prototype miniatures are being painted by our 3D printing and painting partner, The Marcus Miniatures, in Vienna, Austria. Enough miniatures will be created to deliver 10 prototypes of TimeScape ahead of our Kickstarter campaign later this year. The above snapshots are early in the process but give a behind the scenes look at layering base coats of paint. Be sure to check them out and follow the work @the_marcusminiatures on Instagram and visit the Adventure Together page for more miniatures and updates.


Pictured: TimeScape's Michael the Cherub character card. Top: front of card / Bottom: back of card

We have been looking forward to sharing a sneak peek at character card design for TimeScape with our Pioneers for a while. You can see the front and back of each card in the image above. Stats, abilities, movement type, health, backstory, and playstyle are just a few of the features which make up each unique character or multi-unit card and enable the Boss Battle Royale experience TimeScape is built around. The best place to chat mechanics and game design for TimeScape is in the #question-and-answer channel of our community Discord.


Pictured: The Uncommons board game cafe in Manhattan, NYC

Beyond the Table is a blog series where Co-Founder, Hero, talks about inspiration, trends, and experiences beyond the gaming table. Explore the history and future of tabletop game cafes from our unique point of view. Read Full Article

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Adventure Together is a tabletop publishing and technology company dedicated to creating immersive gaming experiences for enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. Our flagship tabletop experience, TimeScape, is an accessible and family-friendly miniature wargame set in a captivating sci-fi and fantasy universe at the end of time. TimeScape's unique gameplay experience is enhanced by the Scape system, a modular board game system that offers endless terrain customization and replayability - so you can adventure across countless worlds. Discover the fascinating worlds of TimeScape and other exciting gaming experiences from Adventure Together by joining our community Discord or signing up for our monthly Kickstarter newsletter.

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